work process

How to dye textile with roketsu is not difficult

1, draw a sketch on the white paper


at first it is started by drawing a sketch (choose)

select a design from the hundreds of different stencils,
from traditional Japanese scenes,
to the latest anime characters,
of creating your own designs is also OK.


2, trace a sketch into cotton cloth

If a sketch is fixed, trace a sketch with a wax brush

Next, draw a rough sketch of design on the cotton,
then slowly trace the outline of the sketch with a brush that has been dipped in the hot wax.


3, dye cloth


dyeing experience

The next part of the process is the dyeing,
the fabric with the design is dyed in a vat of indigo solution - crumpling the material gently while moving it through the dye to crack the wax.

4, drop wax

soaping to lose wax and too much dye

the fabric will emerge from the dye-vat almost black,
and go into boiling water to remove the wax.


5, complete a product !!


complete a product.

Finally, the material is washed in water, and when it is dried and ironed,
the design magically comes to life.

dyeing experience takes 90-120 min.
(change by the number of people, size at experience time.)

set up the tools necessary for an experience in our studio.
Please come in an ordinary dress.