What's roketsu?

roketsu is one of Kyoto 's traditional textile dyeing methods which is also known as wax-resist dyeing.

Wax is applied on a cotton fabric to leave a design and when the fabric is dyed in the indigo,
the area applied with wax blocks the dye and leaves white.

The roketsu dyeing need over 20 steps before completion,if using the traditional method.

Characteristic of roketsu dyeing


There is a difference of the thickness by repeating it on the design that drew once again, and drawing it.

Because there are the light and shade of the color by a difference of the thickness at the time of dyeing,
a three-dimensional impression is given.
It is technique to acquire light and shade difference on purpose.

It is charm of the roketsu-dyeing to be tainted with a crazing design when dye cloth.

Because draw it with the writing brush which I soaked with wax,

can express the touch of the writing brush.

The temperature draws the writing brush at approximately 150 degrees
Celsius with a writing brush resisting a high temperature.

About wax


paraffin wax  =petroleum product,There is not thickness and is easy to be broken.

micro wax   =petroleum product,The adhesiveness is hard to be strongly broken.

vegetable wax =vegetable,Is soft; is expressed.

carnauba wax=vegetable,It features a clear close crack.

I combine several kinds of wax to be easy to use it in our studio and use it.